Nutrition – What’s New

What you may have been told about 'good' nutrition may no longer be serving you as information and attitudes change.

Nutrition is like fashion, what’s ‘in’ is changing all the time.

It is very possible that what you learnt at school is out dated and may be part of the reason you are finding it difficult to lose weight.

All the latest research is leading us away from manufactured foods (anything that involves some kind of food processing), to natural foods that are as close to nature as they can be.

As with all things, it is important to find harmony and balance. However for most of the western world eating refined sugar, white foods such as white rice and bread, synthetic fats (including all the different forms of margarine) and synthetic sugars coupled with excessive use of caffeine and alcohol is what has caused the current problems of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, degenerative brain disorders and the list goes on.

We are what we eat, so why is that we get so shocked that our bodies fail us when we are feeding it mostly over-processed denatured foods and beverages.